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“If we look straight and deep into a chimpanzee's eyes, an intelligent self-assured personality looks back at us. If they are animals, what must we be?” - Frans de Waal


What animal hiddes behind the camera ? 

I am an eternal admirer of life, of its beauty in all its forms and its complexity. Its colors, its relationships, its oddities, awaken in me a feeling of plenitude. 

It is no surprise then if I tell you that the wildlife documentaries presented by David Attenborough, the photographs of artists such as Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, Chris Schmid to name a few, have a great influence on me! I aspire to convey this same sense of storytelling in my photographs. 

Sharing these few pictures is a way for me to contribute to the protection of wildlife, while following in the footsteps of my mentors. It's also a great excuse to spend so much time admiring life! 

Thank you for your visit, and see you soon

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